Teas/Herbal teas

Enjoy the ultimate experience combining tea and wellbeing that exceeds all your expectations
The philosophy of tea dates back to the Classical Antiquity and is based on the craftmanship of tea as an awakening of all your senses.
Rich and well-balanced flavors are perfected with enchanting aromas of pure leaves and flowers.
Our own blends with large leaves are offered in Tea PouchesTM, silk tea bags that were created in 1996 and awarded with several awards since then.

The bags are biodegradable and handmade. They are filled with large tea leaves, pieces of fruit, herbs and spices.
They are sown together with unbleached cotton thread so there is no need for glue or staples. Thanks to this unique certified process we can use tea leaves, no matter their size, and create portions that are tailored to your needs. A perfect alternative for the traditional way of using bulk tea leaves requiring more work and time.
An explosion of flavors
and the quality of craftmanship
are at the heart of the successfull story of Mighty Leaf Tea

Organic Breakfast : a rich and tasty blend made with the highest quality organic black tea leaves. Our version of the traditional 'English Breakfast' for a peaceful moment of contemplation throughout the day.

Organic Earl Grey : The perfect blend of a classical tea. The golden buds of the rich organic black tea leaves reveal a hint of lemon thanks to the addition of organic bergamot. A tea of which Earl Grey himself would be proud of.

Orange Blossom : a rich-flavored tea with a deep color bringing together the aromas of orange, vanilla and Jasmine flowers.

Organic Spring Jasmine : an enchanting aroma of Middle Eastern Jasmine flowers combined with Chinese organic green tea leaves.

Organic Green Dragon : Chinese Longjing green tea leaves of the highest quality that have been carefully dried in a pan to release the flavors of butter and walnut.

Green Tea Tropical : a perfect harmony of green tea leaves and sweet tropical fruits. Escape to a tropical island with every sip.

Marrakesh Mint Green Tea : a reminder of the mighty waterfalls in the Moroccan mountains. A refreshing green tea with peppermint grown on the mountainside of Tiznit.

Organic Emerald Matcha : a boosting blend of organic Japanese Sencha and Matcha tea leaves.

White Orchard : The delicious aromas of melon and peach combined with the delicate taste of pure with tea leaves from China.

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